Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Tooth Hazard Prevention

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Are you ready to improve your health with an effective tooth hazard prevention plan? Beyond protecting your teeth from plaque and sugars that can eat through your tooth enamel, be aware of other events in your life that can damage your teeth. The following is a list of oral health risks that can damage your teeth and gums:

Unhealthy Habits: Avoid smoking, using drugs, and chewing tobacco, as they all can damage your health and a variety of ways.
Physical Sports: Wear protective gear when playing physical contact sports, including mouth guards and safety helmets.
Tough Foods: Be careful when biting into tough and chewy products, as chipping and tooth slippage can occur.
Mouth Jewelry: Exercise caution when wearing lip and tongue rings, as they can damage your teeth and gums.
Non-Edible Substances: Never chew on substances that are not meant to be eaten, including pan caps and fingernails, as they can damage your teeth. Furthermore, never use your mouth as a bottle opener or to open products of any kind.

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