Dental technology has advanced incredibly in the last decade with the TRIOS® digital scanner. This intraoral scanner was designed to enhance patients’ experiences at the dentist by reducing chair-time, eliminating the need for goopy paste, and making for a much more enjoyable visit. At Dr. Ned Todorov DDS, we are pleased to utilize TRIOS, and welcome you to contact Dr. Ned Todorov to learn more about this exciting technology.

With the TRIOS scanner, our dentist can get a more accurate, clear image of your teeth and mouth to make treatments better. And because the digital scanner is faster and more comfortable, appointment duration is therefore reduced. Other benefits of the TRIOS scanner include:

  • Documented high accuracy on single, quads, and full arch impressions of a patient’s mouth
  • More efficient than iTero and CEREC
  • More consistent images
  • More precise measurements
  • Less chance of the gag reflex
  • No mess or unpleasant taste

As you can see, the technology behind the TRIOS scanner was engineered to improve patients’ experiences and allow our dentist to acquire the best image possible for treatments, including ClearCorrect orthodontics. If you would like to learn more, we welcome your call at 316-633-4543. We hope you will contact us about TRIOS in Wichita, Kansas.