Improve Your Oral Health with Dental Erosion Prevention

  Dental erosion, also known as enamel erosion, occurs when your tooth enamel slowly is worn away by harmful acids. If you wish to protect your teeth, from any outside dental erosion risks, it is important to make sure you are keeping a smile clean at all times. Even food... Read more »

Reinvent your smile with Dental Veneers

  How would you rank your oral health care in regard to the aesthetics of your smile? Even if you have optimum oral health, it may seem depressing if your smile still does not shine the way you want it to. Thus, an additional tooth restoration will be required to... Read more »

A Routine Dental Checkup Is Essential for Cleaning Your Teeth and Detecting Latent Oral Health Conditions

Healthy teeth, gums, and other oral tissues have a significant bearing on your overall quality of life. Problems with tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health maladies can result in significant discomfort and could require costly or invasive methods of treatment. To catch these problems early the American Dental... Read more »

Oral Health Keys: Therapeutic Mouthwash

Have you ever heard of therapeutic mouthwash? Although we often think of mouthwash as a product used to freshen breath, there are brands available that can drastically improve your oral health in numerous ways. In addition, some forms of therapeutic mouthwash even contain ingredients used to help whiten your smile.... Read more »

All About Restorative Dental Treatments

If you’re interested in knowing more about dental care, our dentist, Dr. Ned Todorov, is more than happy to help you. Today, he will be happy to teach you about some of the common restorative dental treatments available. The more you know about dental care, the more you can know... Read more »

How to Identify Signs of a Troubled Dental Filling

Dental fillings are excellent solutions to teeth that have small dental cavities, chips, or cracks. Our team at Dr. Ned Todorov DDS create dental fillings from composite resin or amalgam to fit your needs. While these materials are immune to tooth decay, the tooth enamel that surrounds the filling can... Read more »

Identify the Cause of Your Tooth Pain Here

Do you have a toothache? If so, you’re probably trying to identify the cause behind it so you can solve the problem and return to comfort. Well, our dentist, Dr. Ned Todorov, is happy to help you determine the culprit so you can achieve your goals, and he is happy... Read more »

The Things You Didn’t Expect Your Dental Cleaning Can Do for You

Your dental cleanings are very beneficial, especially because they can help you prevent cavities, stop tooth loss, and brighten the smile. But did you know your cleanings can do more than that? Well, it’s true. In fact, there are many things your dental cleaning can do for you that you... Read more »

Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Tooth Hazard Prevention

Are you ready to improve your health with an effective tooth hazard prevention plan? Beyond protecting your teeth from plaque and sugars that can eat through your tooth enamel, be aware of other events in your life that can damage your teeth. The following is a list of oral health... Read more »

People of All Ages Can Align Their Smiles

Did you know that people of all ages can align their smiles? Most people straighten their teeth when they are younger, if possible, but you can certainly align your smile at any age these days. Orthodontic treatment allows you to shift the teeth into the correct alignment, and the result is... Read more »