Dentures: The Care Tips You Need

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If you want your dentures to replace your missing teeth, give you the smile you want and help you perform daily tasks easily for a lifetime, then you need to do everything you can to keep your dentures in tip-top shape. Even though dentures are strong and reliable appliances, they can’t always fend for themselves. So, our dentist, Dr. Ned Todorov, strongly encourages you to clean and care for your dentures by doing the following things:

-Clean your dentures daily: You can do so by brushing your appliance once a day just like you would brush your natural teeth. However, instead of using a toothbrush and toothpaste, use a soft-bristled denture brush and water. You should also rinse your dentures with water after each meal and snack.

-Care for your dentures: To reduce your chances of damaging your dentures each time you remove them, place a towel in the sink. This can cushion the fall if you accidentally drop your appliance. You should also soak your dentures in cool water or mild cleaning solution when they aren’t in the mouth.

-Remove your dentures every night: This gives your gums the chance to rest while you sleep.

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