How to Identify Signs of a Troubled Dental Filling

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Dental fillings are excellent solutions to teeth that have small dental cavities, chips, or cracks. Our team at Dr. Ned Todorov DDS create dental fillings from composite resin or amalgam to fit your needs. While these materials are immune to tooth decay, the tooth enamel that surrounds the filling can become decayed, leading to failure in the dental filling. Dr. Ned Todorov offers signs to help you identify if your dental filling is in trouble.

If inconsistent or poor dental hygiene has allowed the buildup of bacteria in your smile, bacteria can attack the area between the dental filling and tooth enamel. This can result in the development of a whole new cavity, causing the dental filling to fail. There are a few signs you should be aware of that may hint your dental filling is in danger.

If your filling is on the biting surface of a tooth, you may feel a sharp pain when biting down or chewing. When you run your tongue along an affected filling, you may feel a change in texture or a new edge that has developed.

The tooth enamel can also begin to turn a light gray color as a result of bacteria building between enamel and the dental filling. If bacteria continues to build and decay the tooth, you may experience additional symptoms such as persistent toothaches and increased tooth sensitivity.

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