Quick Tips for a Better Oral Health

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Your dentist, Dr. Ned Todorov, wants you to have the top-notch smile and oral health you deserve. This is why he strongly encourages caring for your teeth and gums regularly by keeping up on oral hygiene and attending your regular dental checkups every six months. Your dentist also encourages doing little things throughout the day to achieve your smile and oral health goals; he has the quick tips you need to do so. Those tips are:

-Chew gum often: Chewing gum can help your smile in more ways than you might realize. This is because it increases your saliva flow, and saliva can wash the bacteria from your teeth and gums and neutralize the acid in the mouth. So, chew sugar-free gum after each meal and snack!

-Sip on water throughout the day: Sipping on water often can help you wash your smile. This is because the water rinses the teeth and gums and eliminates bacteria and food particles. This can help you avoid dental issues and it can even help you prevent bad breath.

-Avoid tooth-damaging habits: There are many habits that can harm your teeth, like chewing on pens, pencils and ice as well as using your teeth as tools. It’s best to avoid these habits as much as possible to maintain the top-notch smile you need.

For more information and details about how to have a healthy smile in Wichita, Kansas, please contact Dr. Ned Todorov DDS when you get the chance. Our dental team is here to help you in any way we can, even if it’s just by answering your phone calls, so please dial 316-633-4543 now. We look forward to helping you!